Monday, 7 July 2014

Six Minute War - "75p EP" (Six Minute War Records, SMW 001) 1980

For me Six Minute War were just about the only trad punk group worth bothering with in 1980. Strictly DIY, suitably nihilistic politics, and no-nonsense basic tunes that lasted less than two minutes. Their self produced records(mostly recorded at the legendary Street Level studio) were works of art,coming with great photocopied sleeves,with covers adorned with admirably low price tags, such as this one...75p.
Their attitude to the groups bracketed with them, in the unfortunately monikered 'Anarcho-Punk' shoebox, is nicely summed up in the lyrics to "Camera" from this very EP:

".........So you want anarchy, anarchy's your way, but who in the long run will have to pay. you like to call it freedom to do what you want, freedom to shoot a bloke if you think - wrong. Anarchy - freedom? anarchy's a farce. you don't pay for anarchy it's the working class. destroy the power of wealth and replace it with strength, power for the strong instead of the rich. social disorder, no rules to be broken, when you've got social disorder, life ain’t such a burden..."

Track Listing:

Big Week mp3
Giles Hall

Strontium 90 
Progress mp3
Man From Uncle
He's Dead
Marker Pens



Anonymous said...

Well, sold on those lyrics alone! I have met some genuine anarchists -- or at least they were 40 fucking years ago, have no idea nowadays! Surely the handful of *good* ones know that they're being used by hoarding narcissists who label their 'you-can't-count-on-me' behaviour as anarchism. Or worse yet American libertarians. Jesus.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Anarchists.....just the word is enough to piss one orf.