Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Astronauts - “Pranksters in Revolt EP” & “The Astronauts EP” (Bugle records BLAST 5 /BLAST 1) 1979/1980

The Astronauts first two ep's.
The eponymous debut is their standard sound,post-punk with a folk flavour. Featuring studio versions of the sounds heard on the live compilation “Back to sing for Free again soon”. The classic 'All night Party” being the stand out track here.

Prankstersin revolt” is a different beast altogether. A minimal folk-synth classic to rival Patrik Fitzgeralds' brilliant “Gifts andTelegrams” (which i'll post next because its sooooo good!).
I don't know whether the group were being deliberately obtuse here, but to turn from the expected sound is something to be applauded. Like it says in the second track on this fine EP, “Moderation is Boring”, especially when applied to music; though not when applied to narcotics and other stimulants. In fact for those secret state sanctioned/supplied population control weapons, TOTAL abstinence is the ideal goal. Being strung out in a dope cloud stupor is definitely fucking boring; like one of those anarcho-punk festivals. A real danger to society are drugged up and drunk white rasta's falling over in a ditch in the countryside. They Talked the Talk, but couldn't even walk, never-mind 'Walk the walk'!*

*This doesn't apply to the Astronauts by the way.


Anonymous said...

Wow...(eyes pop out of my skull)!!


Jonny Zchivago said...

Pop em back in nathan,and clean out your lug'oles. Theres more astronauts coming.