Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Various Artists - "One Stop Shopping" (Terse Tapes TRS009) 1981

This is Terse Tapes version of Monty Python's 'Instant Record Collection Idea', again only matched in shear scale and ambition by Danny and the Dressmakers massive conceptual rcok (sic) opera '200 Cancellations'.It also reminds me of the 'Deleted Funtime' compilation on ,yes, Deleted Records.......and if anyone has a copy of that tape could they please either sell it to me or donate some mp3's to this blog. My copy was taped over sometime in 1985....this happened then, it all seemed so disposable!?
This collection is worth it just for the band-names (eg, The Somersaulting Coincidences,The Alan Bamford Musical experience, etc), which display that illusive wanton lack of ambition, which we at Die or DIY? prize very highly as the only honest way forward for human creativity.
As much as i admire artists who release hundreds of albums, all sounding pretty much the same; there's something attractively enigmatic about the acts that briefly exist for one single moment, buried away on an impossibly obscure comp like this. Like a sub-atomic particle sparking into life in the Hadron collider for a nano-second then disappearing back into the darkness as a mathematically proven entity.
And Yes, I wish I'd called my group The Jean Paul Satre Band !!!

Download the full booklet, Slug Fanzine, and newspaper articles in a convenient PDF file here!

(NB, Download the tapes at the bottom of this post)

Credits: Compilation arranged by Tom Ellard 1980-1981
5 album equivalent.
In a Festival of Quasi-Normalcy.
Booklet by Terse Tapes - Slug Magazine
Released as two C90 cassettes, and one C60 cassette in March of 1981 wrapped in a photocopied catalogue made by John Laidler of Slugfuckers/Bleeding Arseholes/Rhythmyx Chymx fame. A three-cassette survey of the Australian post-punk, and experimental underground. Roughly 900 hand dubbed copies were made.
On the cover of the magazine there are some misspellings; Ernie Althoff is listed as Ernie Altoff, The Oroton Bags are listed as Ze Oroton Boys.

Track Listing:

A01     Agent Orange  –     We Eat For You        
A02     Agent Orange  –     Now        
A03     Alan Bamford Musical Experience –  An Old Joke        
A04     Ernie Althoff –     Free Form Vocal Trio        
A05     Art Throbs –     Room With A View        
A06     Bathroom Beansi –     Little-Washer-By-The-Ford        
A07     Bathroom Beansi –     The Visitor        
A08     Bleeding Arseholes –     Funky Number        
A09     Bleeding Arseholes –     Nice Song        
A10     David Chesworth –     Be Mine Or 13        
A11     David Chesworth –     Piece For Chord Organ        
A12     Graeme Davis –     Cassettes Are Driving Me Crazy        
A13     Disneyland –     Pineapple        
A14     Disneyland –     Giligan's Island        
A15     East End Butchers –     Butchers        
A16     East End Butchers –     Assassins        
A17     East End Butchers –     Psychiatrist Takes Wine        
A18     Essendon Airport –     Guitar Duet        
A19     EST –     Fascinating Womanhood        
A20     Graeme Gerrard –     Rotations
B01     Holiday Funn –     Near Enough        
B02     Holiday Funn –     The Bells The Bells        
B03     Holiday Funn –     Saying Prayers        
B04     Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies, The –     Space Is The Place    
B05     Institute Of Dronal Anarchy –     7 Rare Dreamings Extract        
B06     Invisible Boys –     Oh Baby        
B07     Invisible Boys –     Song For The Deaf        
B08     Invisible Boys –     Pretty Void        
B09     Invisible Music –     Finished Stavinsky And Funky Havanis        
B10     2 Johnnies, The –     Experience        
B11     2 Johnnies, The –     Advice To A Dead Marxist        
B12     2 Johnnies, The –     Truckdriver        
B13     J.P. Sartre Band –  Songs Of Dead Philosophers        
B14     Junk Logic –     Yellow Bean        
B15     Klu, The –     Weekend In Warsaw        
B16     Laughing Hands –     Untitled        
B17     Lazlo Toth –     Kilgamesh        
B18     Lazlo Toth –     Ghost Train        
B19     Limp, The –     Tombeii The Mist        
B20     Limp, The –     True Hawaii        

C01     Lunatic Fringe –     Daddy        
C02     Mice Against God –     Untitled        
C03     Mindless Delta Children –     Go South        
C04     Mindless Delta Children –     Snappy Tom Time        
C05     Multiplicative Inverse –     Untitled        
C06     Music4 –     Biorhythms        
C07     Negative Reaction –     Untitled        
C08     Painkillers  –     Disney Punk March        
C09     Pastel Bats –     Arabise        
C10     Person Brothers –   Worried Man        
C11     Pissy Relay Switches –     Ho! These Teeth        
C12     Pissy Relay Switches –     Telephone Man        
C13     Pissy Relay Switches –     Animal Einstein        
C14     Rhythmyx Chymx –     Summer Song        
C15     Rhythmyx Chymx –     Throb        
C16     Saxophone Caper –     He'll Never Be Logical        

D01     Scattered Order –     Fun        
D02     Paul Schütze –     Untitled        
D03     Severed Heads –     Untitled        
D04     Shane Is Dead –     Untitled        
D05     Slugfuckers –     Gormange        
D06     Somersaulting Coincidences –     Untitled        
D07     Stutgarters –     No Fixed Address        
D08     Sunday Painters –     Terminal Ward        
D09     Swinging Hogs –     I Got Brains        
D10     Sydney Quads –     Untitled        
D11     Systematics –     Sunny        
D12     Systematics –     Marine Boy        
D13     Tame O'Mearas –     Collision        
D14     Tame O'Mearas –     Bah!        
D15     Teese And Tattersall –     Duets For Violin And Clarinet

E01     Peter Thin –     Tesseract        
E02     Tch Tch Tch –     Entertainment Division        
E03     Paul Turner  –     Austerity Measures        
E04     Use No Hooks –     Passion In My Feet        
E05     Wet Taxis –     Brown Owl        
E06     Wild West  –     Locking        
E07     Wild West  –     Pelican        

F01     Mesh  –     Untitled        
F02     Oroton Bags  –  Spontaneous Combustion        
F03     ZGlutz –     Warts        
F04     Nervous System –  Bertolucci        
F05     Nervous System –  One        
F06     N-Lets –     Untitled        
F07     A Word From The Editor –     Untitled 

DOWNLOAD tape two HERE!  or HERE!
DOWNLOAD tape three HERE! or HERE!


trgec said...

Nice,very nice...thanks!
I'm just curious,any chance to hear some old UK comps ,of course if You have them or can get them...like Baby Dont Jump,A Sudden Surge Of Sound,Music For Pressure...I supposed all only as a tape released...
Best rgds

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, the first two comps are a bit new wavey for me, but I have hopes of acquiring Music for Pressure,as its a fuck off wreckords tape. I am posting "The wonderful world of Glass"(Glass Records) and "Hoist the Black Flag"(United Diaries comp) soon;they both contain errant Lemon Kittens tracks.
I'll scour my hard drive for any other relevant stuff.
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! But do you know the names of the 3 "unknown" tracks at the last tape?

Jonny Zchivago said...

sorry,no idea.I think terse added tracks at will,without altering the insert.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping this page up and usable!