Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Astronauts ‎– "Peter Pan Hits The Suburbs" (Bugle Records) 1981

Some of you will be pleased to know that this is the last Astronauts post on Die or DIY? Not everyone's folk/punk of choice. I myself, don't know whether they are shite or just reasonably good third division anarcho punk. Its an acquired taste, but I think I've acquired it somewhere, 'cus I like this LP, somewhat.  Lyrically Mark Astronaut is rather talented, but he is hindered by one of those irritating voices,akin to a rocking librarian. A good comparison is that bloke from the Deep Freeze Mice,or Shirley/Steve from the Spherical Objects; but compared to those two aurally offensive nightingales, Mark is Susan Boyle?


A1 Everything Stops For Baby
A2 Protest Song
A3 Sod Us
A4 The Traveller
A5 How Green Was My Valley
B1 Still Talking
B2 Baby Sings Folk Songs
B3 How Long Is A Piece Of String
B4 Amplified World
B5 Midsummer Lullaby

DOWNLOAD the suburbs hitting and hopefully killing peter pan HERE!


Jim P. said...

I just acquired their 1989 effort (In Defence Of Compassion) and this is uhm...a bit different, but as ever thank you so much for sharing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I haven't heard it.But the Astronauts are an acquired taste that I am yet to acquire. So I understand if you don't like this.A bit Folk Punky is this band for me.But they have the correct approach to music and life in general so they're ok by me.