Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Various Artists - "Folk In Hell : Alternative Rubbish from West London" (Fuck Off Records FO 008) 1980

This is a re-post, but Folk in Hell! This re-edited,remastered,320kbps version is rather good.
There's not much bad musicianship on offer here,but there are plenty of varied but competent compositions for all, in clear sounding lo-fi.splendour.
Beginning with the flawless Mark P's robotic peon to the easy life,”Make it easy” yeah! Followed by two or three ,fashionable in 1980 ,white reggae/ska hybrid things,even including one by The Astronauts!? Tuneful Anarcho-punk from the excellent Mob, DIY anti-popcraft from The Instant Automatons, Electronica by Steve lake,nu folk-punk by the Celebrated Workmen, hippie kraut prog crossover from Here and Now, and even ten minutes of full-on Jazz Fusion improv by Grosse Catastrophe (any Gong members in this one par chance?).
Probably the most consistent Fuck Off Records compilation,just lacking a Danny and the Dressmakers, or an 012 to make it perfect.

Track Listing: 

Side One:
MARK PERRY - Take It Easy / A PENCIL - The Advertiser / THE MOB - No Doves Fly Here / THE ASTRONAUTS - Behave Yourself / IMPOSSIBLE DREAMERS - After Dark / TASMIN - Sailor / VINCE PIE AND THE CRUMBS - My Gal

Side Two:
NO COMMENT - Did You Really Think / CELEBRATED WORKMEN - Blackleg Mine / ANDROIDS OF MU - Jungle Beast / STEVE LAKE - Dancing / INSTANT AUTOMATIONS - Gillian Is Normal / MURPHY FEDERATION - Lynch Party / HERE AND NOW - Nudge Up Double Delux / GROSSE CATASTROPE - Dinosaur Sandwich / SIR ALIAS - A Is For Artist


Anonymous said...

Thank for the 320 rip! Some sort of mix-up on the song titles though. Haven't figured the correct order on all the tunes, maybe you can help?

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm sure i got all the artists and track titles right;maybe the track listing is a bit askew,as with most Fuck Off cassettes, the track order never tallied with the insert listing,i've seen a couple of different version of this tape, with extra tracks tacked onto the end.
Where d'you think i've gone wrong?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind reply. Yes maybe different versions of the tape exist. There was an Androids track alled cityscape on another rip and there was another track by the Murphys called green apples is ok.

On your rip there are two tracks named as Instant Automatons - Gillian is normal and the track by Steve Lake is actually the next one after the one you have named Steve lake - Dancing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yup, i was aware of this, and changed the titles, but I must have uploaded an earlier version before i changed them. i'll fix this shit if i can be fucking arsed.
Many thanks for your appreciated vigilence.