Wednesday, 9 July 2014

391 - "New Roads:New Ruts" (Arts Council Grant recordings SWIZ 1) 1983

The 391 (the other band of Mark from The Instant Automatons in case there are some people out there who don't know!......what's that? Did someone say who are the Instant Automatons?....I give here!) retrospective tape, which collects the various flotsom and jetsom of the 391 back catalogue that never had its own home outside of compilation tapes and other related bands works. This includes selections from The Alien Brains, and The English assassin.In which Mark Automaton collaborated with Nigel Jacklin. A high standard of lo-fi experimental pop is fused with the more avant-garde side of cassette culture, and it is often great, but never pretentious.All done of a budget of approximately Zero quid!  

Track Listing:
1 Introduction 
2 Leaning on a Lampost 
3 Whats wrong with my Hi-Fi? 
4 Brains under glass 
5 What makes people behave violently? 
6 Jelly Babies 
7 An Die freude 
8 Requiem for fashionable trousers 
9 Living in a factory (alt Version) 
10 Here Comes the Milkman 
11 The Landlady's disco band 
12 Revenge of the Lawn 
13 The Blind man 
14 Famous Last words 
15 Miles Apart 
16 Killed in the Rush 
17 Music from the Empty Room 
18 Blast! 

DOWNLOAD a new road HERE!
DOWNLOAD from another road HERE!

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