Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Instant Automatons - "Tape Transport" (Deleted Records Cassette DEC 011) 1979

A c-90 cassette released on Deleted Records, out of Grimsby in 1979-ish, by the Instant Automatons. Classic bedroom DIY.
(sorry for the shit write up,but this dates back to the early days of this blog around 2009 when I was just mucking about! I will get around to reviewing it proper-like when I can be arsed!)
Its fucking great though.

Track Listing:

1-So It's Come To This
3-Nothing Ever Happens (live)
4-Nothing Ever Happens To Me
5-Jet Plane
6-Break The Rules
7-Drunk In Woolwich (live)
8-Gillian Is Normal
9-Pointed Shoes
10-Regimental Beat Music (live)
11-Flight Delayed
12-House Of The Rising Sun (trad. arr. The Automatons)
13-His Master's Voice (live)
15-The New Dylan (live)

DOWNLOAD and transport this tape to your ears HERE!

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