Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cleaners From Venus ‎– "In The Golden Autumn" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– Frau 006) 1983

More psych tinged jangly pop genius from Wivenhoe's DIY legends, Cleaners from Venus. Doesn't reach the melodic highs of "Midnight Cleaners" or "On Any Normal Monday", but still a brave manifestation of 1967 vintage British pop for a 1983 audience. Politically astute 80's psychedelia that présaged the oncoming C86 garbage,with a total lack of feyness and/or fringes! All this produced with an apparent total lack of commercial ambition,an attitude that would save us all from oblivion,and starve the Illuminati of its power source. Don't pay your taxes,quit your job,picket your former place of slavery,close your bank account and share your stuff.The underlying philosophy behind DIY culture,as epitomised by Cleaners from Venus,is Individualism in a sustainable,non profit,non greed, environment.Mass Civil Disobedience is the true Democracy. The sound of freedom. (doubtless there are some people out there who think we live in a liberal democracy? ok, check this document out(link below),and see what you think after digesting its implications for future events such as 9/11 and JFK murder:

 Way Side:
A1 Renée (Who's Driving Your Car?) 
A2 A Holloway Person 
A3 Ghosts In Doorway 
A4 Don't Step On My Rainbow 
A5 Balloon Drop Shadow   
Sea Side:
B1 Krugerrand Gladiators 
B2 Golden Age Saturday 
B3 Marilyn On A Train 
B4 Sandstorm In Paradise 
B5 Victorian Society 
B6 A Fool Like You

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