Wednesday, 9 July 2014

391 - "No Easy Way Out" (UnknownLabel-C60) 1982

Mark Automaton's other band, among many other 'Other bands' of course; was 391.Named after a Dadaist magazine by Francis Picabia, so it says; but of course you all knew that didn't you? Again, another hissy classic jam packed with sing-a-long numbers like "Mid 50's Teenage Dance Party", all sounding like they were recorded in a broom cupboard. This makes the Fall look like Led Zeppelin. The side long (the Way Out side) "In One Ear and Out Of The Other" is especially fine. DIY Prog at its very zenith! And to cap it all a rare cover version of a Public Image Ltd. Track(Bad bay), one of the least cover versioned bands of all time.(Check out The Controls version of 'Public image') If anyone's interested,Nigel Jacklin of Alien Brains makes a guest appearance on track 12, courtesy of  his membership of The English Assassins, with Mr M. Automaton, who penned this little number. "We're the same as everyone else", says 391; you wouldn't find Led Zeppelin saying that (and meaning it)?  

Track Listing:
A1 Menanced By Nightingales 
A2 Parallax 
A3 The Failed Men 
A4 Derek Appleyard's Green Suit Boogie 
A5 This Vale Of Tears 
A6 Lizzie Borden 
A7 Mid-50's Teenage Danceparty 
A8 I'm So Happy 
A9 Overture 
A10 Bad Baby 
A11 Living In A Factory 
A12 I Passed By The Brock 
A13 Falling From Helicopters   
B1,2&3 In One Ear And Out The Other(parts 1-3)  

There's an easier way out HERE! 

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Nick Cope said...

Ha! Never knew about this until now... and not to be confused with my own efforts at the time -
Also thanks to Francis Picabia!

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