Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Colin Newman ‎– "Not To" (4AD ‎– CAD 201) 1982

The third solo album, and thankfully the Band return,including Robert Gotobed,a guest appearance from old buddy Bruce Gilbert, and Dome records recording artist, Desmond Simmons. Songwriting makes a come back also with some Newman originals,a Graham Lewis penned number(You,Me,and Happy), and even some old Wire tunes(5/10,We Meet Under Tables) that never made it to the recording studio proper. Probably his best album,full of quality avant-pop of wire-esque proportions,only let down by an 'orrible Beatles cover to close side two.


Lorries 3:51
Don't Bring Reminders 3:27
You, Me And Happy 2:37
We Meet Under Tables 3:47
Safe 2:34
Truculent Yet 3:49
5/10 3:32
1, 2, 3, Beep, Beep 2:14
Not To 3:33
Indians! 3:05
Remove For Improvement 4:07
Blue Jay Way 3:11


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Anonymous said...

It is just one of my top 10 favorite albums, if that means anything to anyone, anymore