Friday, 31 October 2014

Des Duyvels Doedelsack - "De Brug Der Zuchten" (Pidoewa Cassettes P7) 1983

Those liberal layabouts from the Benelux countries also get high marks when it comes to understanding and producing good clued up product fit for your record players.
Hans 'Boogieman' Boogmans, Anthony Blokdijk and friends, recorded lots of improvised post-punk stylings in and around Den Haag, Holland, between 1982 and 1984.Pretty typical commune dwelling type free rock, framed by a lack of technical ability. Some would call this "Hippie Music", and I can`t disagree;but hippie doesn`t always mean fake peace and love, sexual repression of women, lazy middle class dropouts, soap dodgers,(this list could go on).....etc.
Lots of hippie culture was punk as fuck, and an awful lot of punk was more hippie than hippie (Crass and their legion of washed out black clad clones).
On continental Europe, the hippie stuck around, and Punk Rock was generally absorbed into this smelly morass(no matter what the European "punks" tell you) so change never really filtered through in the rock world; although euro-electronics were a different matter entirely. This tape is a prime example of the resulting cross fertilisation; and an intriguing mess it is too.
We love hippies really.


A1 Neem Me Mee
A2 Als De Zon Ondergaat
A3 Buiten Spelen
A4 Improvisatie Nr Twee
A5 Het Licht Van De Maan
A6 La La La
B1 Praagse Lente
B2 De Gorillaas
B3 In Jou Wit Met Gele Keuken
B4 Macaroni
B5 Warm En Zacht
B6 Pippi Langkous

DOWNLOAD  sound of dutch commune dwelling HERE!

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