Thursday, 2 October 2014

Monte Cazazza ‎– "At Leeds Fan Club / Scala, London / Oundle School" (Industrial Records ‎– IRC 28) 1980

 The final instalment from that February night at the Scala Cinema in 1980 has surfaced, thanks to Rainier,an anonymous donator. One of the Industrial Records Tapes missing from my collection,along with the two interview tapes from earlier versions of the 24hours box set(if anyone has them etc?)

This performance(s)by 'international Recording Star',Monte Cazazza, seems to have higher production values than The Leather Nun scala set,on a par with the TG tape of the same gig. I've attempted to match the tracks with the song titles provided;anyone know any better? There's no fewer than three versions of “First/Last”,probably one from Leeds,one from Oundle, and one from The Scala gig. All with enthusiastic audience participation!(applause, cheering, and encore chanting!)

Cazazza was on form for these TG support slots,with swirling ,scraping ,noisy versions of studio favourites, and a few part improvised non-instrumentals.I'm sure I can sense the extensive use of one of Chris Carters “Gristlizer” units on most of these numbers......and why not? As you know, its good to share.

Live at Leeds Fan Club 24 Feb 1980
Live at Scala, London 29 Feb 1980
Live at Oundle School 16 March 1980

Check out Throbbing Gristle at The Scala Cinema, Leeds fan Club, and Oundle School by clicking HERE!

And The Leather Nun's slot by clicking HERE!

Plus more Cazazza HERE!

Track Listing:

A1 Untitled

A2 First/Last

A3 Distress

A4 untitled

B1 First/Last

B2 untitled

B3 To Mom on Mothers Day/Mary Bell

B4 Kick That habit Man

B5 The Sperm Song

B6 First/ Last


Anonymous said...

great !!!

from rainier

bill said...

What was going on at Oundle School in 1980 that allowed this all to happen? I remember the place as just as authoritarian and conservative as any other English public school at the time. Bizarre... there must've been something very strange going on.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Maybe it was just a fund raising scheme that went horribly wrong. Hopefully some of the future ruling elite heard some of the sonic home truths that were emitted that evening?

bill said...

The 'masters' can't possibly have known what was going to happen when they let the 'boys' choose which pop groups they were going to invite. What a coup! Let's hope some lives have never been the same...

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Gristle should have incited a riot, or burnt the Toff factory down.

Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,according to citations of GPO in the book "Wreckers of Civilization" by Simon For,one pupil who later became a member of Psychic TV (can't remember the name,maybe Geoff Rushton?) made the invitation possible by convincing the music teacher that Throbbing Gristle makes music influenced by John Cage,which IS true in the broadest sense,but must have supprised the teachers to no end!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers,one more mystery laid to rest.

This Is Komrads! said...

Fantastic! Been wanting to hear this tape for years. Thanks!