Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Glenn Branca - "Lesson No. 1" (99 Records – 99-01 EP) 1980

Before Branca went completely down the “I'm a serious composer” avenue. He produced a couple of near flawless Avant rock miesterwerks of the No Wave era. A kind of proto-post rock without the melancholia. The first lesson of this ground-breaking style was “Lesson No.1 For Electric Guitar”. A definite statement of intent in a short constructed composition that replaces orchestra with a dissonant 'Rock' ensemble, that more than likely included at least two future members of Sonic Youth.The drumming is the same snareless pounding found in The Static and The Theoretical Girls. B-side, “Dissonance”, is as you'd expect, an exercise in Guitar Dissonance,as Glenn explores the more noisy side of his personality.
A true innovator in modern composition,and few of his future lengthier works can fail to wilt in comparison to the urgency,excitement, and raw power of his early ensemble pieces for electric guitar.

Lesson No.1 For Electric Guitar 8:12
Dissonance 11:40


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