Sunday, 26 October 2014

Various Artists ‎– "All Guitars!" (Tellus #10) 1985

Glenn Branca makes another appearance on Tellus number 10 compilation tape called “All Guitars” from 1985. As you may guess, it features no end of Guitar abuse,displaying the endless versatility of this wonderful tool. Plenty of Sonic Youth members inhabit this area ,also occupied by No Wave legends Arto Lindsey with his stratchy, scrape-y guitar stylee,and Lydia Lunch trys her best to mimic a DNA solo, when she would have been better to stick to her unique slide approach.Nirvana producer ,Steve Albini, does a bit of pre-Rapeman shock rock,mentioning Niggers and Fags,while playing some funky noise rock.Joseph Nechvatal makes his obligatory appearance,amongst much,much, more guitar jiggery-pokery that would empty any matinee performance of Cats on Broadway in five seconds. Leaving several bouffanted out of towners trampled to death in the aisles in the blind panic to escape the danger of having to use their brains;long pickled by I Love Lucy Re-runs and endless tours of the mid-west by Paul Macartney's Wings. Not for fans of Eric Clapton.

A1 Lee Ranaldo The Bridge 3:12
A2 Arto Lindsay And Toni Nogueira Buy One 1:03
A3 Janice Sloane Blow Sounds On The Nail 2:25
A4 Butthole Surfers U.S.S.A. 1:58
A5 New Detroit Inc. Brown Dub 2:34
A6 Bob Mould Soundcheck 3:06
A7 Bond Bergland Moonlight Ride 3:25
A8 Joseph Nechvatal Dalychtocracy 2:03
A9 Elliott Sharp Solitons 1:45
A10 David Linton Ringo 2:20
A11 Jules Baptiste Four To Deuce 2:05
A12 Tim Schellenbaum El Baile De La Penitencia Dolorosa 3:06
A13 Bump I Am A Rat 1:59
A14 Rudolph Grey 1000 Luminous Flowers In The Red Pool 3:05
B1 Hahn Rowe Dust Bowl Dub 2:09
B2 John Myers Skatebike And Perdue 3:48
B3 Lydia Lunch Lucy's Lost Her Head Again                 1:30
B4 Sue Hanel Dupe 1:10
B5 Blixa Bargeld Untitled 2:15
B6 Andrew Nahem Insult 1:16
B7 Sandra Seymour Rock That Baby! 1:35
B8 Run Nigger Run Pray I Don't Kill You Faggot 5:30
B9 Thurston Moore Skrewer Boy 3:10
B10 Mark C. And Marnie Greenholz Bad Hospital 2:28
B11 Glenn Branca Acoustic Phenomena 3:45
B12 James Vidos Rudy Has Religion 1:33
B13 Angela Babin And Joe Dizney Work Song 1:10
B14 Frankenjerry Funhouse 1:50
this DOWNLOAD's all guitars!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed (most) of this one. I think 'Bad Hospital' and that "baby" tune are the stand-out tracks.


Thanks for posting, I did not previously know about this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Tellus tape, Jonny Zchivago - brilliant! :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers lucky, happy new year.

telabs said...

You put this up years ago, and it's still here. Wonderful. I remember seeing ads for it in old copies of Option, but I never thought about tracking it down.