Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Zombies Under Stress ‎– "Fanatism & Hysteria" (6de Kolonne c-90) 1985

Zombies Under Stress, no not a reference to the Zombie Banks that have been artificially subsidized and are immune, apparently, to the 'Free Market' that we are forced to live in! This is the Dutch Industrial band from Eindhoven(?), who released a few cassettes around 1983-6. This one, I am reliably informed, is their best one, from 1985; you can find two other Zombies Under Stress cassettes on the excellent Wet Dreams blog, here.

A very great and listenable guide to the Industrial idiom , from clattering distorted beats,noisy overloaded synthesiser racket,to found dialogue cut-ups,and pure visceral noise. All recorded on fuzzy red zoned cassette tape,the perfect Industrial medium.


A1 Liberation
A2 The Goldmines Of Bloemfontein
A3 ?!
A4 Crowds
A5 They
A6 This Is The Good World
A7 Poison For Leonie
A8 Watminson
A9 Euthanazi 65+
A10 Black Drool
A11 Waiting For The Misantrope
A12 The Goldmines Of Bloemfontein Part Two
A13 No Love Left
A14 Sabaka
A15 Distortions
B1 Stalin
B2 Goem
B3 Fanatism & Hysteria
B4 Occupation
B5 Die Helleflamme
B6 Figures In My Mind
B7 Life Is So Long
B8 Say Die
B9 Zajtsjiek Moj
B10 I Brought You
B11 Each B Ridge Must Fake
B12 Wearing Dogs
B13 Das Besuch
B14 Chub Si Tmis
B15 Time To Dance


Anonymous said...

We rereleased this tape, it is available now from


Mr. P said...

Their website now lists the entire? discography as public domain with download links.

Mr. P said...

Here is the link for the Zombies Under Stress download page, although, be warned, the bit-rates are very low.