Monday, 13 October 2014

B.C.Gilbert & G.Lewis ‎– "3R4" (4AD ‎– CAD 16) 1980

I know of two other Gilbert and Lewis albums from the period of the Dome albums;one of them is “3R4” from 1980. How this escaped the Dome Moniker eludes me? It's quite a bit more Ambient than Dome I suppose,and far more Eno;more Drone than Dome. Largely consisting of two lengthy atmospheric,and I repeat, Ambient tracks, and two short preludes to the former. For want of a better word,and for all intents and purposes, this is Dome 1and a half-ish. Music that crawled from and to the 'art-space'. Made for contemporary dancers,performance artists,and cheese and wine evenings at an exhibition. The beret and sandal crowd would gag if they knew it ended up in the sweaty bedrooms of a few hundred young men filed between 'Document and Eyewitness' and 'Music For Airports'. One of the many incidents where Street culture and the bourgeois world of 'fine art' mixed uncomfortably in one small room.


A1 Barge Calm 1:11
A2 3. 4... 17:03
B1 Barge Calm 1:08
B2 R 20:03


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