Friday, 24 October 2014

Glenn Branca / John Giorno ‎– "Who You Staring At ?" (Giorno Poetry Systems ‎– GPS 025) 1982

You gotta love this album sleeve!?
Branca and Giorno looking hard on the cover has to be one of the better album covers. “Who You Staring At?”

“You!” we reply, knowing that one of these tuff guys is a poet,and the other a composer, “Now wotcha gonna doo about it?”

The answer is play an atonal ballet score for a modern dance troupe, and whine out some experimental poetry; guaranteed to make any sane tough guy turn and run.

The Branca piece is up to his usual high 1980's standards changing pace and intensity like a rollercoaster into tomorrows weather.

John Giorno bleats out some of his irritating poetry over a cool mud club house band backing track, with his trademark strained throaty whine. It would have been better if he rapped over a couple of Glenn Branca compositions instead,which is what I expected before I played this LP! It very rarely works, blending rock with poetry,it forces the complicated rhythms of the spoken word to be forces into a four/four time frame. The best example of this process of ruining a poet is John Cooper Clarke being forced to slow down his machine gun delivery to the speed of a pea shooter to fit in with the Invisible Girls medium paced funk. Still kinda like it though,especially when compared to the moronic garbage spewed out by the vast majority of so-called rappers,like that complete CUNT Kanye West,or that idiot Jay Zee (shit isn't that my initials?).


A1 Glenn Branca Music For The Dance Bad Smells 16:25
B1 John Giorno Stretching It Wider 6:44
B2 John Giorno We Got Here Yesterday, We're Here Now, And I Can't Wait To Leave Tomorrow 10:30


Bruce the Moose said...

Only track A1 there at mediafire. Google indicates same files size as mediafire.

I suppose that A1 is the only one that really matters.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry, will reup it.Must have made cock up when adding the remastered version!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mistake now corrected.Giorno tracks restored.

Petty Vendetta said...

So much goodness this week. You hiding any more GPS records? Any chance you're squatting on "One World Poetry"?(GPS 028-029)

Jonny Zchivago said...

No more GPS records,so no "One World Poetry". But i'll try and find it.

Bruce the Moose said...

Actually, there are bunch of GPS at Ubuweb -

Most of them are at 192.