Friday, 10 October 2014

Dome ‎– "Dome 2" (Dome Records ‎– DOME 2) 1980

Dome 2 sounds like Dome too, but better. There's less tracks than Dome on Dome 2,but Gilbert and Lewis were on a roll. Two albums in a year,and more to follow on their heels,they established a Dome sound swiftly. An intriguing cross-bred dark ambiance, with repetitive avant rock riffs drifting in and out of the smoggy reverb. Beats are allowed to occasionally provide respite for the casual avant-gardiste looking for Wire-isms,but there is no Colin Newman to donate a recognisable tune to the recipe; this cake does not rise. Its a flat lumpy Gateau,with an unknown gas escaping from the lumps;probably a Black Forest gateau due to the Krautrock ingredients folded into the mixture. The sweet black cherries represented by the Opening track(S) ,”The Red Tent parts 1&2”,part two being the closest we get to a lost Wire classic. The chocolate sprinkles,are “Twist Up”, where The Residents meet Glenn Branca. The creamy filling of the remaining tracks ooze into the half speed tape closer, so reminiscent of the indigestion one experiences after consuming this seventies classic dessert. This album is of course not a seventies classic,but ,unlike Arctic Roll,made the eighties its rightful home,as Dome grasped for the future. Yes, kids.......Pop Tarts!


The Red Tent I
The Red Tent 2
Long Lost Life
Reading Prof. B
Ritual View
Twist Up
Keep It



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Jonny Zchivago said...

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ROOKSBY said...

"I'm free, Captain Peacock!"

J.H.M. said...

Probably my favourite Dome album, this one. The whole atmosphere is so glacial and sinister, like dying of brain fever whilst lost in an ice cave.