Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Mob ‎– "Ching" (Self-Released) 1981

Anarcho Punk from the hippie heartland of Yeovil, Somerset, close enough to Stone 'enge for the adolescent Mobsters to have been recruited at a young age into this unattractive tribe.

Luckily, in amongst the simplistic politics and sixth form lyrics, the Mob adhered to the more melodic side of the movement. Thankfully closer to the Zounds side of things “Anarcho”, rather than Crass.

This excellently muddy self-released tape from 1981, reveals a minimal and repetitive protest punk style that is very effective indeed. Most importantly it retains a charming naive innocence in its optimist youthful idealism. The vocals can be a bit cringingly teenage pop band competition stuff at times,and a lot of these tunes seem to be exactly the same, but that’s what we like here innit?

They have now reformed after thirty years,probably playing free festivals with Zounds and The Astronauts. Worth seeing if you don't mind roughing it with a crowd full of sixty five year old white rasta's with male pattern baldness drinking special brew.


The Gates of Hell
No Doves Fly Here
What's Going On
White Niggers
I Hear You Laughing
I Wish
Never Understood


Stu said...

Link fail :-(

Jonny Zchivago said...

Link fixed.....sorry,I forgot to add the link to the post, like a twat! Enjoy

Stu said...

It was better without the link!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha ha. That was why i subconsciously didn't add the link. I was expecting Mob fans slagging off my review. I do quite like 'em tho'..the mob, not their fans.Yuk!