Thursday, 20 June 2019

Our Generation ‎– "Dawning Of The Day" (Generation Records ‎– LPM/S 500) 1971

Please Jesus Save Our Children from your Followers!
This is Our Generation's debut album,and it's easily the equal of their follow up,"Praise and Prayer"
These kids must have been locked in a cupboard in 1966,and let out once they'd accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. The last music they heard was some trendy Fuzz laden Garage rock,and they had no idea that things had moved on by 1971.
Failing that, they were probably put together, boy band style, by some letchy preacher to penetrate the kids minds as well as other places on kids bodies that preachers like to penetrate.
Shameless propaganda this may be, but its rather listenable.I hardly ever listen to the lyrics anyhow,so as Acid Garage goes its not too bad. "Love" in particular is a Fuzz soaked classic, albeit one that plagarizes Ray Manzarek's keyboard part for 'Light My Fire'(Why anyone would want to do that I dunno!?).Most of the bible is plagarized from earlier sources anyway, so if its ok by God we can all do it.

nb: I'm sure they're Americans,but I did hear a clear Dutch accent for the intro of 'Can You Make It'.


A1 11th Hour 4:45
A2 Near The End 4:45
A3 Beyond Yourself 3:30
A4 Love 3:25
A5 Jesus In Your Life 3:25
B1 Can You Make It 5:25
B2 Look-Out 5:10
B3 I Can See Forever 4:10
B4 Dawning Of The Day 5:20

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