Friday, 7 June 2019

People's Temple Choir ‎– "He's Able" (Brotherhood Records ‎– NPC-3) 1973

Hey!These guys weren't bad. I wonder why they never did any more records?....nothing to do with the fact that they all drank a tasty drink laced with lashings of Cyanide on holiday in Jonestown, Guyana a few years later?So,do you fancy a bit of Gospel music to ease the shock? No?.....well I don't blame you.
Especially if its sung by the brainwashed members of  the Reverend Jim Jones' People's Temple.
Yes, the very same lot who,proudly, hold the world record for mass suicide.If anyone out there wants to try and beat it,you will need to be ajudicated by a representative from the fabulous Guiness Book Of World Records for it to count.You have been warned.Maybe a mass suicide of Brexiteers when they learn of the second referendum would be a goer?Even better,Trump supporters when they lose the next election? Trump will pay for the cyanide i'm sure.
The not so very Reverend Jim W. Jones preached a curious mixture of Communism and Christianity which resulted in the murder of some U.S. officials in Guyana, and the mass suicide of over 900 men, women and children.
But at least they made a recording of their creepy Gospel meets Sesame Street style of praising the lord before up? this case,it's permanent.There will be no reformation tour,unless its one of those tours with no original members in the line-up.
Reverend Jim also made a far more disturbing recording actually made during the mass suicide of church members in 1978.....but that certainly ain't gospel singing I can guarantee you that.....Fear not,if you prefer the screams of dying children to any Gospel singing (like me) then that particular tape is for you.Whats more, it's up next for all you shameless ghouls out there.


A1 Welcome 1:29
A2 Walking With Your Father 2:15
A3 Set Them Free 2:31
A4 Walk A Mile In My Shoes 3:28
A5 Hold On, Brother 2:33
A6 Down From His Glory 2:53
B1 He’s Able 3:22
B2 Something Got A Hold Of Me 3:25
B3 Because Of Him 3:30
B4 Simple Song Of Freedom 4:17
B5 Black Baby 3:26
B6 Will You? 3:31


JD said...

A strange twist to all of this is that Death in June reworked some of these songs into the But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter.,_What_Ends_When_the_Symbols_Shatter%3F

Walter said...

Macabre, but still great!

In case you need more music from religious cults, Nubeat has quite a few albums from the Children of God / Family of Love / The Family International cult free of charge for download:

They never graduated into downright mass murder, bute the Children of God also has quite a few notches in their colt concerning death, abuse and sexual perversion ...

Have fun (if you can) ...