Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Marcy Tigner ‎– "Trombone" (Christian Faith Recordings ‎– 351) 1961

Big Marcy, you know, the one that provided the voice for Little Marcy the Christian Evangelist puppet, had a musical career Before Little Marcy, or BLM as we say in the record obsessives world.
She was a whizz on the Trombone,and turned this rarely heard solo brass instrument into a magical scepter that changed all Hymns and other Christian tunage into the alternative soundtrack for 'Eraserhead'. David lynch took years, and spent millions of Dollars to try and make surreal movies and music, but Big Marcy could effortlessly create a surreal universe with just a few effortless puffs on the Trombone.
She wouldn't have been out of place as part of the band that played on as the Titanic slipped beneath the waves.Unfortunately she wasn't on that ill fated ocean vessel.She was born a few years afterwards, and lived on to inflict the demonic puppet 'Little Marcy' onto the innocent children of America.
Abandon all hope yee who enter and hear the creepy horn driven muzak of Big Marcy.
Rest in peace Marcellaise “Marcy” Hartwick Tigner, so that we godless masses can live in peace before we are sent to the next Hell where your Trombone and Little Marcy records play for eternity at ear bleeding volume!.


A1 My Jesus, I Love Thee
A2 Close To Thee
A3 Jesus Is All The World To Me
A4 Saviour, Thy Dying Love
A5 Abide With Me
A6 No Longer Lonely
B1 All That Thrills My Soul
B2 Oh, How I Love Jesus
B3 Harbored In Jesus
B4 We Shall See His Lovely Face
B5 Near To The Heart Of God
B6 Day By Day


rev.b said...

Perfect! It just gets better and better, or worse and worser,,depening on your denomination. 'I play 'bone for the lord.'

snoopy said...

I can see the engineer in the studio falling asleep, probably several times. And then asking, Are we done yet?
No, we're going to do one more take of We Shall See His Lovely Face. Ok, ready? From the top ...
Ugh, kill me! Why couldn't I have the cool gig with Charles Mingus or Howlin' Wolf? No, I get stuck with these zombies.

chrisbusker said...

God, I love this - you're spot-on with it being perfect David Lynch soundtrack music - I'm going to put on Lost Highway with the sound turned down and play this instead

Jonny Zchivago said...

Be careful, you may never be the same again!