Monday, 3 June 2019

Michael Mills - "Turn Me On Deadman: Hidden Satanic Messages In Rock Music" (Christian Radio Show) 1981

If there was one person the word 'Twat' was made for, it's American Christian Radio evangelist, Michael Mills.
He could see the work of Satan in any rock act, be it Adam and the 'Ant'....he couldn't even get the group names right,like the Church Universal and Triumphant invocation against rock music....or the frighteningly evil Electric Light Orchestra!
His imaginative attempts at uncovering back masking are particularly laughable.
The Phrase "Number Nine", from The Beatles "Revolution no.9", when played backwards, allegedly says, "Turn me on Deadman".Aside from it being very debatable as to what words it could possibly sound like,what the fuck is he going on about? What Deadman? Turn me on to what?...I can hazard a guess, but this is just another example of the Christians need to take everything literally, until 2+2 = 36.
Queen's, 'Another one bites the dust', when reversed, proclaims, "Some of Us Smoke Marajuana", that it says that at all.Its just music playing backwards.Play enough music backwards and you could reveal a backwards masked version of the complete works of Shakespeare if you were so motivated,or certifiably Insane.
Over several separate Led Zep tracks, he finds several unconnected phrases that mean Robert,Jimmy,and John Paul had visited Hell.Probably to visit their drummer 'Bonzo', who had died the year previously. They said,in reverse, "Listen, We've Been There".....oh, that'd be Hell obviously!?...."Because I Live"..who?.."Serve Me"..again, who?..."there's No escaping It"..escaping what?.."Satan"...."If We"....."Gotta Live For satan"...."Master Satan".....all damning evidence, from at least a few different albums.Except that the damning evidence is that Michael Mills is undeniably simple and deluded,a veritable 1st class college degree in the world of Evangelism.
In fact to get on Mills's list is a badge of honour for any group,or intelligent person.If you can get death threats from the Klu Klux Klan then you know you're doing something right at least.Although,looking at some of the acts on his blacklist,I would willingly help the Klan in any way they asked me to....and try and direct their hate in the direction of The Eagles first.
You'd have to wonder what Michael would make of 'Whitehouse','Con-Dom' or any of the Power Electronics mob.Trouble is if you play any of those records backwards,they sound exactly the same as they do going in the correct direction.
Unfortunately for Michael Mills, scientific studies have shown “zero evidence to support such a claim and suggest that the apparent presence of backward messages in popular music is more a function of active construction on the part of the perceiver than of the existence of the messages themselves.
Turn him off Deadman!"
A jolly Evangelist cartoon strip to educate our youngsters with?


1.Introduction (2:36)
2.Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow (7:52)
3.New Lyrical Jargon (3:12)
4.Show ID (0:31)
5.Black Sabbath (1:02)
6.The Beatles (3:53)
AC/DC (6:34)
8.Led Zeppelin (4:47)
9.Dan Folgeberg (0:18)
10.Rush (1:16)
11.Lucifer’s Friend (0:09)
12.Prince (0:09)
13.Grateful Dead (0:25)
14.Meatloaf (0:16)
15.Judas Priest (0:15)
16.Blondie (0:16)
17.The Rhythm Devils (0:11)
18.Ozzy Osbourne (2:09)
19.Spirit (0:16)
20.Electric Light Orchestra (2:16)
21.Sound (0:35)
22.Fleetwood Mac (0:18)
23.Kiss (3:16)
24.The Beatles (1:02)
25.The Eagles (2:10)
26.Santana (0:31)
27.The Rolling Stones (0:50)
28.David Bowie (0:15)
29.Queen (1:23)
30.Black Sabbath (1:03)
31.End (2:18)


chrisbusker said...

Twisted but brilliant!

Anonymous said...
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Ian said...

The chorus of "Highway to Hell" played backwards says "God is Love". Somehow he missed that one.

Itchy bum said...

That's a Jack Chick cartoon - I used to love reading them! Love this blog.

Chris Sessions said...

Awesome, thank you!

Anonymous said...

hairy krishna

rev.b said...

Burn my records? I'll chop yer fucking head off, and I won't need Satan's help ya fuzzy lipped twerp.

Anonymous said...

Jonny love yer blog,but I think you should think about removing the link womenarestupid, I am not a raving feminist but I do have a child with autism who can spell far better than the arsehole who posted this link.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah you're right....dunno what i was thinking. Deleted.

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thanks for that Jonny much appreciated.