Thursday, 27 June 2019

Lil' Markie ‎– "Volume 1 : Music To Serve The Lord By" (Mark Fox Family Ministries ‎– MF-01) 1979

Christian Ventriloquists is an obscure but fruitful bracket for the downright weirdWe've had Little Marcy,there's a Little Cindy, and now ,the worst of the lot, Little Markie.
The personification of pure naked evil is usually a subjective opinion based on personal beliefs....but, I think we can all agree that Mark Fox, also know as 'Lil' Markie' comes very close to winning the prize. Hitler don't make the top three for me,'cus at least he was honest about what he wanted to do, Stalin probably gets the Bronze, second place could be Jimmy Savile's,narrowly beaten to the punch by Lil' Markie.Mainly for the demonic pro-life anthem "Diary of an Unborn Child",which includes the jolly sing a long chorus of "Why did you kill me mommy?" like a punch and Judy Linda Blair from The Exorcist; "Your Mommy's gonna suck cocks in Hell!" is what Lil' Markie is trying to say. Hopefully i'm wrong, and Hell exists specifically for this Fat Bastard only, so he can suck cocks in Hell for eternity.Looking at him, he would likely enjoy such a punishment,which reather defeats the whole idea of a 'Hell'?
Of course I exaggerate for the purpose of entertainment,but this fat lummox sporting a traditional bible belt mullet was the reason the word 'Cunt' was first used for the description of morbidly obese rednecks with a dual personality disorder.
Fox, puts on an incredibly repulsive harmonized falsetto voice to give voice to his youthful alter-ego, in thee most bizarre example of evangelism in a world of weirder than weird Evangelist preachers.
I'm not a violent person, but I think I could well enjoy kicking seven shades of shite out of this chubby messenger from Hell in Heaven on Earth.
I can only wonder if any of that angry mob of christian anti-abortionist were inspired to murder Doctors after listening to these recordings as a child in their formative years?
Apart from all that,this Sesame Street meets mental illness juvenile propaganda is some of thee most wacked out madness this side of the secure psychiatic facility at Sing Sing prison......or in this case Don't Sing Don't Sing......Pleeeeeze!.....Prison.
Which is where he belongs,without parole.
Sadly Mark Fox is still out there spreading his poison to adoring small audiences in the sewers of Hicksville America.


1.Serving the lord
2.Diary Of An Unborn child
3.Jesus Put the stars In the sky
4.Let The Sun Shine In
5.Story Of An Alcoholic Father..."Somethings Happened To Daddy"
6.I Have Jesus in My Heart Today
8.This Little light Of Mine
9.Markie Goes To Calvary
10.I will Obey the Lord
11.Medley : B-O-R-N A-G-A-I-N/For God so Loved the World
12.I'm Only Me
13.I'm Going On for jesus
14.Do You Believe In God
15.Use Me
16.I'm Rejoicing In The Lord
17.Serving The Lord 2

DOWNLOAD a lot of lil' markie HERE!


BBhelay said...

I discovered him on the WFMU 365 project. he really stood up in creepiness when for some fraction of seconds in the recording you could hear the adult behind the voice like a pedo chatting with kids online. thank you i hate it.

rev.b said...

Oh my…… Oh my. “He’d still working on me?!?” I have visions of this as the soundtrack a homicidal scene involving a large knife dripping blood. I take it back, all those disgruntled lo-fi noise/punk types got nothin’ on these people, neither do fingernail on a blackboard. “pure naked evil”, that pretty much nails it. I hate it too. Much appreciated.

Moahaha said...

I don't think I've ever felt more uncomfortable while listening to "music". Or maybe I've never felt more uncomfortable - period. Every time Lil' Marky's sickening "cuteness" accidently turns into angry Cartman-mode made me laugh though.

Anonymous said...

For decades I've been wondering where Kramer got the scary Christian samples he dropped into Bongwater's "Double Bummer" album ... the search is over. Context = more horror.

Anonymous said...

yes, all that Bongwater crap!!!

Unknown said...

Lil Markie aka Mark Fox is sadly no longer with us. He died in 2016 at the age of 61.