Sunday, 16 June 2019

Ya Ho Wa 13 ‎– "Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa" (Higher Key Records ‎– 3306) 1974

Father Yod in all his generousity and grace, gave his 'sons' the chance to make their own record without his gong skills and throaty seal-like barking.
The result is this totally normal record, of the kind of normal Acid Rock songs you'd hear on the Banana Splits Show.
The cover is a good one however,with the Aquarius Brothers,Sunflower,Octavius,Djin and Rhythm, posing in front of the source cult mansion in Hollywood and Yod's roller, dressed as native American Jesus's. A Rolls Royce is thee must have accessory for any aspiring cult leader.
An interesting juxtapostion between capitalism,insulting indigenous peoples,and hyprocritical hippie bullshit philosophy.
The music definitely misses Yod's madness......just as I'd written him off as a talentless creep!?


A1 Edge Of A Dream
A2 Fire In The Sky
A3 Just Sitting Here
A4 A Thousand Sighs
B1 Red River Valley
B2 Man The Messiah
B3 Making A Dollar
B4 I Thought I Am
B5 Oh Ya Ho Wa

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