Sunday, 12 May 2019

The Spontaneous Music Ensemble ‎– "Karyōbin" (Island Records ‎– ILPS 9079) 1968

A 'Cool' looking bunch were the Spontaneous Music Ensemble.Bailey had that geek chic look going on,and the rest had that hipster bank manager image that we all envy.
The music sticks rather too closely to that beatnik Jazz vibe daddio for me. Not spontaneous enough, and too connected to Modal Jazz to be considered 'Out There' enough, but for 1968, it was out enough to be considered music for weirdo's. Bailey would ,and already had by '68,venture much further 'out' than most would dare to follow.....all this while maintaining a strict anti-fashion image,ranging from the daper geek to the curmudgeonly charity shop pensioner we came to love in the nineties.


1 Karyobin Pt. 1 8:04
2 Karyobin Pt. 2 5:37
3 Karyobin Pt. 3 6:24
4 Karyobin Pt. 4 6:23
5 Karyobin Pt. 5 12:41
6 Karyobin Pt. 6 9:52


Anonymous said...

We always went to Gorleston in Norfolk for our summer holiday, and one year, sometime around the mid-60s, my Dad took us to see Morecambe and Wise on the pier in Great Yarmouth. I still wonder if The Blessed Bailey was playing in the pit orchestra... Thanks for this, Milly's Grandad.

parmalee said...

Sorry, old . post--but I would've sworn that Jaime Muir was on this. But he ain't. What am I thinking of?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, Muir gets everywhere.He even turned up on a Italian Prog album i posted recently...can't remeber which....but not on this!