Sunday, 19 May 2019

Shockabilly ‎– "The Dawn Of Shockabilly" (Rough Trade ‎– RT 120T) 1982

Well, I might as well post the 'Dawn Of Shockabilly' EP, so you can contrast and compare this with "Earth vs Shockabilly".
As the rumour is that "Vietnam" by the very same group,is the album the Butthole Surfers never made, maybe you should compare and contrast this with that?.....or,as in my case, maybe not.
This one is good anyway.

A1 Psychotic Reaction
A2 Heart Full Of Soul
A3 Train Kept A Rollin'
B1 Hard Day's Night
B2 Good Girl Is Gonna Go Bad


albrecht koschnik said...

as 'kevinesse' suggested, VIETNAM is indeed another high point, give it a try. Over the years I have found small doses of Shockabilly and Chadbourne quite enjoyable (EP-length, basically).

BTW: many thanks for the Bailey/Frith/Cora/Reichel spurt, lots of stuff I had not heard before!

Mr.F said...

Thanks for all of the stuff you make available here - I'm having a great time going from one artist to another at whim... So luxorious!
Thank you, really.
It's often nostalgic, sometimes educational, and always appreciated.