Friday, 3 May 2019

Keiji Haino ‎– "わたしだけ?(Watashi Dake?)" (Pinakotheca ‎– PRL#2) 1981

Never seen without a pair of sunglasses on,(but unlike Bono, he can actually carry it off!), Keiji Haino, late of Free Rock pioneers Fushitsusha, entered the solo arena with this unhinged work called "Watashi Dake?", or ,for our japanese readers, "わたしだけ?".
For the majority of this record Keiji sounds not unlike an amped up Jandek on a really,really, bad trip.
This being the expanded CD version, we are treated to a half hour long bonus track of Hainos famed guitar noise and feedback onslaught, where his Gibson SG sounds like its being raped,while a sqaudron of kamikaze guitars smash into music retail establishments everywhere.Jimi Hendrix this is most definitely NOT!
Rather marvellous.


1. Ore no arika
2. Yurusarezaru monotachi
3. Yomigaeru
4. Rowa ni sasero
5. Owari ni sasero
6. Umaku dekinai
7. Motto motto motto
8. Tsuki nukete mo
9. Kuzurete yuku
10. Koko made kite miro
11. Waraitai no ni
12. Kaeritai
13. Sasageru 

DOWNLOAD and live for the emperor of noise HERE!


Anonymous said...

Keiji is god

icastico said...

Sadly getting a "bad request" alert.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Link sorted....copyright violation!...its on google drive now...they don't give a shit about copyright.

icastico said...

Gracias. Works. Lovely. I see that a vinyl reissue is for sale on bandcamp. Hmmm...