Friday, 10 May 2019

Derek Bailey & Henry Kaiser ‎– "Wireforks" (Shanachie ‎– 5011) 1995

Henry Kaiser sounds too clever by half.
What do you expect from someone who learned all the guitar parts from "Trout Mask Replica" off by heart? 
But, at least he recognises true innovation when he sees or hears it, and this is why he has faultlessly championed Derek Bailey over the years,.... the avant-guitarists avant-guitarist.
Here,or hear, they are, in a relentless improv-off, that culminates in Kaiser asking Derek if he wanted to do a 'loud one', to which the  great man replied with a succinct.....'OK'. Always open to anything was our Derek.


1 Quick Match
2 Flights
3 Red Flash
4 Silver Tails
5 Chrysanthemums
6 Hanabi
7 Flair
8 Flare
9 Ring Starmines
10 Dark Fire
11 Snake In The Grass
12 Battle In The Clouds
13 Safe And Sane


Anonymous said...

So far, you're just proving how stupid I am, because I don't know this one either. Trout Mask Replica is also sublime (thank you John Peel!). Thank you again, Milly's Grandad. Hint: I also have a devotion to Keith Rowe, particularly his work with John Tilbury. Duos for Doris is simply exguisite...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Naturally Rowe's-a-comin' up.

northfieldhat said...

Yeah, Kaiser's a good guy. When he first appeared with Frith on those metalanguage LPs I thought
he was trying to get known through adjacency. But after several decades of sincere work, etc, I trust him.