Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Hans Reichel ‎– "Bonobo" (FMP ‎– FMP 0280) 1976

Bonobo, NOT BONO!....scheech!
Bono, likes to think of himself as a true innovator and poet. I remember when he told Tony Wilson of Factory Records after the suicide of Ian Curtis, that he would 'carry on' the job that Curtis had started!?......what(?) by being the exact opposite of Joy Division?
Another Bono story was the time he wrote a letter to Don Van Vliet to ask if he was interested in working together,to which the good captain replied succinctly, "Dear Bonzo,......No."
I don't need any excuse to slag the despicable Bonzo off, so seeing this Reichel album title was too musch tempatation,and I apologise.
Germany's foremost experimental guitarist is on vigorous form, hammering at his guitar like a cross between a glockenspeil and a country and western dulcimer in a hailstorm.
Its Krautrock, but not as you know it.


A1 Gier I 2:15
A2 Peter Zweifel 2:38
A3 Lurch 3:23
A4 Tœni 1:30
A5 Moor 5:14
A6 Bonobo II 3:26
B1 Bonobo I 3:56
B2 Mariahilf 2:28
B3 Des Jägers Klage 2:49
B4 Nicht Sand, Sondern Popel Im Getriebe 1:27
B5 Gier II 7:52


rev.b said...

Life just got better. It's always a pleasure to spend time listening to Hans Reichel. Gawd I wanted to hear this album back in the day, but FMP didn't have any distribution in these parts. His website is still up. Lots of toys to be play with there... Almost makes you feel like you're getting something important done.

Dear Bonzo.... nice one Don!

Wolfgang said...

Thank you for giving me two more reasons to detest that guy :)

chrisbusker said...

That's a great story about Don Van Vliet!

Anonymous said...

There is a classic period duet between Hans Reichel and guitarist Achim Knispel. The two compliment each other nicely.