Thursday, 16 May 2019

Hans Reichel & Tom Cora ‎– "Angel Carver ("Live" In Milwaukee And Chicago)" (FMP ‎– FMP CD 15) 1989

Herr Reichel,as with all of these 'experimental' guitar weilders, like a nice live collaboration,and who better to do that with than nutty cellist and multi-instrumentalist Tom Cora, who I'm sad to say is no longer with us. He's up there in improvisers valhalla, carving angels no doubt?
On these two perfomances he sticks mainly to scraping the Cello, while Hans does his usual incomphrehensible guitar tinkling and banging.
Certainly more musical than most of these free improvisations,which I think is essential to distinguish humans with instruments from chimps with instruments.Sometimes chimps with instruments do it better,but as most listeners are largly human,a human element is welcome;as is a little bit of melody amidst the funny noises. 


1 Rest Up, Premonitions 19:39
2 Miracles, To Boot 18:38
3 New Neighbors 13:01
4 Invitations To Dance 8:59


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog. Not everything. (I can not get around jandek, but that is my problem) Tom Cora is such a well loved musician by me, that I just have to tell you that I LOVE HIS MUSIC. Please post more of his music.

Jonny Zchivago said...

WHAT!? don't get Jandek!????.....I think thats part of the reason Jandek exists. Without artists you don't get there would be nothing to aim for.
Tom Cora will appear in a few ,more posts.Can't linger too long on a single genre or i,and my audience, will get bored.
However...Tom RIP.

Anonymous said...

Digital versions of FMP stuff galore