Monday, 27 May 2019

John Coltrane ‎– "Interstellar Space" (ABC Impulse! ‎– ASD-9277) 1974

Rashied Ali didn't play on 'Om',but he did play on this Coltrane album from....wot?....1974??? Wait a minute, hadn't the Trane pulled into his last station some seven years earlier,I hear you protest!?
Indeed he had, but this session with Rashied Ali was taped back in '67,and dug up to try and squeeze some more cash from the wide open pockets of your average jazz fan. This is still happening as Coltrane released a new album a year or so ago,competing with Jimi Hendrix for the bi-annual  post-mortem  scraping the bottom of the barrel award.
Its not as wild as Rashied Ali's duet with Frank Lowe however,and not as good, but it does have some nice bells on it.....i'm always a sucker for the odd bell or two amidst the chaos.


1 Mars 10:42
2 Leo 10:55
3 Venus 8:27
4 Jupiter Variation 6:45
5 Jupiter 5:22
6 Saturn 11:36

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rev.b said...

Odd how many musicians are more prolific after they're dead, a wise career move for the starving artist I s’poze, for the bidnuss parasites in any case.