Thursday, 30 May 2019

Alice Coltrane ‎– "Huntington Ashram Monastery" (Impulse! ‎– AS-9185)

There's a Buddhist temple near my abode on the plateau du Larzac in southern France.I've even worked there,and of course, they didn't fucking pay me! Now, the cops are investigating the rampant sexual abuse doled out by the head budda-boy lard bucket,who is now in hiding back in Thailand; and no, he didn't fuck me either thank you very much!...except for fucking me over financially,correction, his joyless minions fucked me over financially. The fat cunt used to shag as many young dysfunctional girls as possible,insisting that to do so would enhance their karma levels. These perks of the job were 'generously'shared around various monks and his goons for years,even when everyone outside knew what was going on.Seriously Baaaaaad Karma maaaaaan.
So I assume this kinda shit happened in  most of these cult temples, especially in the sixties.The decade of 'Free Love', which meant in reality that ugly blokes could get laid in the name of freedom.
Dunno where, or what this Huntingdon Ashram Monastery is, but I hope Alice kept her rape alarm handy in between Harp sessions. I just have to hear the word 'monk' and instantly think, Perv, or potential rapist;lurking in their saffron robes in a state of permanent semi-arousal, waiting to insert some instant karma into any unsuspecting passing fuck-up-ess.
As distastful as most of these religions are......yes, Buddism is a religion because they worship large statues of Buddha and make prayers.Its basically the worlds biggest cult,and so attracts rich dysfunctional idiots looking for the meaning of life....I certainly think they found's shit!
I'll start again.....As distastful as most of these religions are, they are capable of producing some of the best devotional ,ecstatic, and basically, Nutty, musics ever made.Alice Coltranes series of early seventies albums are among some of the most original, and indeed, the best.
I chose this early album to start off with because it has Rashied Ali maning the skins,tying it in with previous Coltrane, J,and Frank Lowe albums for continuity's sake.
What I like about these Jazz albums is that they were recorded, invariably, in one day, mostly in one take.This one, for example, was recorded on the 14th of may 1969 in New York city.......not in a Monastery.


A1 Huntington Ashram Monastery 5:30
A2 Turiya 4:16
A3 Paramahansa Lake 4:29
B1 Via Sivanandagar 6:03
B2 IHS 8:44
B3 Jaya Jaya Rama 6:25


northfieldhat said...

That is one of the finest religious commentaries ever written.
Perfect. If only well-meaning good people could bear
to read and understand things like this. You are more likely to be
shunned for having written this than the fat perv is for having
actually DONE what you write about.

rev.b said...

Ugh, buddha-boy’s story makes me want to take a shower. That sort of thing seems to be an issue with all organized religions. It’s one of the reasons they give me the shakes. Hearing creepy stories like these generally send me to albums like this to attempt to wash out my ears. Alice’s guru opened an ashram near where I live in Virginia called Yogaville. The shrines are beautiful, the people are nice enough, but it still feels a little spooky.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah Swami Satchinada....seems nice enough, but thats to lure prey in isn't it.

Northfieldhat...i'm used to being shunned.I wear it as a badge of honour.

Loomitor said...

I have just discovered your blog and I must say it is very refreshing to find a blog with commentary as entertaining and well written as yours. I look forward to hearing these Alice records. I also look forward to reading more of your thoughtful posts, which combine two of my favorite things: criticizing organized religion and music!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Welcome aboard Loomitor. There'll be more Alice records after i finish my series on music from various Cults.
In the meantime you may enjoy a xmas mix i made a few years ago earlier in the blog....Jesus Hates You. I enjoyed writing that scathing piece on religion,and i think you may enjoy it some pretty demented music to boot.

Anonymous said...

While I'm not a lover of the harp, in the context of Alice Coltrane's musical world I can enjoy it. Many thanks!


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