Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Hans Reichel - "Duets With Fred Frith And Kazuhisa Uchihashi" ‎ (FMP ‎– FMP CD 36) 1991

'The Frith Reich', is the best Jeu de Mot I can come up with for this one. However, if this existed in one of the earlier 'Reichs', especially the one after the second one.It would have been firmly labelled as 'Degenerate' and burnt. Whereas, it is usually the actual 'degenerates' who are quick to reject things they don't understand and compartmentlise it as the thing they most despise about themselves.For example, the morons who leave a pub because a perfectly inoffensive Robert Wyatt record comes on the jukebox,who are the same lazy work-shy bastards who blame foreign workers for taking the jobs they don't want to do. Same People, same stupidity.
No, this don't sound like Coldplay,and that is the principle reason for its strive for something new,and move forward, or sideways,but never backward.
Yeah, there's a place for Coldplay,ying needs its yang,and nature needs balance.Sadly the natural balance is heavily weighted on the popular music, and popular politics side of the cesspool.
So start Complaining about the sundown of civilisation before its too late.


1-Stop Complaining (36:27)
 Section I 3:10
 Section II 6:31
 Section III 3:28
 Section IV 3:07
 Section V 4:10
 Section VI 5:10
 Section VII 3:22
 Section VIII 2:32
 Section IX 4:57
2-Sundown 35:01

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rev,b said...

I can't believe someone would walk out on a Robert Wyatt record. I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. Never heard one is any establishments near me. If it was on the box, I’d toss a coin to hear Shipbuilding any day. If that pissed off people, I'd follow it up with End of An Ear. It’s not my fault the bar's full of simpletons...