Sunday, 5 May 2019

Shoji Hano / Derek Bailey ‎– "Fish" ( P.S.F. Records ‎– PSFD-8009) 2001

Like the time when Lenny Kravitz and Iggy Pop bust several blood vessels trying to 'out-Rock' each other on the BRIT awards show some years ago;a similar thing to that taste by-passing duet by Jagger and Bowie for Live Aid.Free improvisation duels can result in the players involved scrambling to stand out in the melee like squabbling children. Whereas Iggy and Lenny, gurned increasingly absurd rock postures, David and Shoji thrust increasingly louder abstract chords and wildly undulating drum fills.There are, however plenty of quiet moments as they run out of ideas briefly,but generally this is a fine example of Spontaneous Music in action.
Thanks to Japan, Bailey found a new acceptance and resurgence for his career in his twilight years.A different story to the time in the early sixties with his attempts to adapt the Free Jazz style, usually the domain of saxophone players, to the electric guitar.
A true original.


1 Sea Bream (鯛) 18:41
2 Bonito (鰹) 6:49
3 Sardine (鰯) 19:40
4 Angler (鮟鱇) 5:30

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