Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Davey Williams ‎– "Criminal Pursuits" (Trans Museq ‎– trans museq 8) 1983

Here's Davey Williams on his own, with no collaborators, just him and his guitar.Which he makes sound like a cassette recording of himself being chewed up by a cassette player.
Improvised stacatto picking ,harmonics and whammy bar abuse,cause the listener to check their equipment to see if there is anything malfunctioning;but alas, your equipment is just fine,it's meant to sound like this,with little or no effects. Even when Davey whips out the violin bow to further attack his guitar with.
A criminally unpursued guitarist,who will be much missed....yes he died recently,so discover what you missed to know how he will be missed,and remembered.


A1 Apotheosis Of The Whimsy Horse 3:06
A2 Home, The Razor's Edge 2:23
A3 Violin Concerto 3:30
A3 Prehensile Legends 4:15
A5 Call Of The Chlorophyll 6:46
B Criminal Pursuits 22:09


snoopy said...

If John Zorn were a guitarist, during the time of "The Classic Guide to Strategy", this would be it.

kevinesse said...

I'm sure without hearing it it is a thousand tiimes better than zorn....anyway thanks for this! new to me

kevinesse said...

fucking hell this is great!!! thanks

Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira, aka Ochyming said...

I love his music, he is a no-nonsense musician.
Thank you VERY much!

Lucky said...

Thanks for all the Smith/Williams rarities! May Williams r.i.p.