Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hands To ‎– "Scrine" (Harsh Reality Music ‎– HR 87) 1988

Jeph Jerman's other most prolific project,his solo project I assume,is Hands To. Where an interest in manipulating field recordings,and mutating found sounds, into glitchy and scraping sound bytes, came into the foreground. Many of these tracks sound like those mysterious phone calls you get, from persons unknown, who didn't lock their mobile phone and left it in their pocket to randomly phone someone.


A1 Whag
A2 Milpic
A3 Sethube
A4 Tind
A5 Thraal
A6 Plathers
A7 Firad
B1 Sinc
B2 Scrine
B3 Mastic
B4 Biasis 2

DOWNLOAD hands to your computer HERE!

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bill said...

Fantastic stuff.

Uh, that's it.