Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Nails Ov Christ ‎– "The Beat Of The Blood" (Freedom In A Vacuum ‎– 025) 1985

Nails Ov Christ are the more dark ambient noise sideline from Trevor Ward of The Grey Wolves. Quite a lot more emphasis on atmosphere rather than the Heavy Industrial violence of his other combo. Sounds of approaching subway trains echo along long tunnel networks,mixed in with the underwater screams of people throwing themselves on the tracks. Jolly stuff,perfect for ridding your house of unwanted guests.


A1 The Raped Execute
A2 Pulsehater
A3 Murderous Advice
A4 Nails & Blood
B1 Creeping Back To Power
B2 In This Cold Blooded Way
B3 The Raped Execute II
B4 Smash The Sinners
B5 Vatican Victims

DOWNLOAD the toe nail clippings of christ HERE!


badgerstump said...

Hands up. I'm an inverted snob. I know everything therefore once I've made my mind up I am self evidently correct.

I appear to be repulsed by anybody who uses "ov" or "thee". Firstly, talk proper. Secondly, it's probably having watched the slow disintegration of Psychic TV at close quarters and their hangers on convincing themselves they were Crowleyian sex magicians. I know people who thought that they actually created "magic" but were just men abusing women.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying that this is the first time I've actually bothered listening to Nails Of The Christ. I like it whilst retaining my right to be self evidently correct.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Your self evident correctness is evidently correct.Although the validity of my judgement is tenuous,I stand by my right to say it.
Yes, the use ov 'Ov' in the Industrial genre is irritating,as is Thee.....I have been guilty of its use myself,and I am sorry.
Magick,Hippy,and Religion,are all different methods for Men to exploit and abuse Women,and in some cases Children;and therfore shouldn't be encouraged.
That aside, Nails Ov christ are quite good......very silly and pompous name though.

Anonymous said...