Friday, 6 February 2015

City Of Worms ‎– "Ashent" (Big Body Parts ‎– BBP-027) 1988

Now, courtesy of Mr CoW himself, Jeph Jerman, I have more understanding of the environment that this fine work was created  in. Colorado Springs sounds like Stepford, of  'Wives' fame, but with that force of earthly evil,the US armed forces fencing them all in. Surrounded by the American Taliban, squashing any alternative lifestyle or opinions out of town. Like the' Invasion of the Bodysnatchers'; but with the 'Christians' pointing out any passing Bohemian for absorption into the whole.
I don't know what the collective noun for a group of Christians could possibly be? We have a Flock of Sheep, a Murder of Magpies,an Implausibility of Gnus(!), a Flange of Baboons,but what about Christians? May I suggest 'a 'Stain' of Christians'? Or, how about a 'Stupid' of Christians?.....Any further suggestions leave them in the comments section, or mail them to Jeb Bush.
A collection of Muslims could be a "Misogyny"? Buddhists, a Dysfunction of...? And Jews????.....don't go there,or stand accused of Holocaust Denial(ironically a jail-able offense in' former' Nazi Germany)! about a 'Nice' of Jews?...isn't this fun?......... a 'Twat' of Scientologists anyone?,is that the Police banging on my door!?.....this may be my last post outside of the re-education center!


A1 Disix
A2 Streter
A3 Ancre
A4 Tumbric
A5 Dimatay Utchat
A6 Mesaco
A7a Weirgan
A7b Lusinit
A7c Shestu
B1 Ashent
B2 Caldia

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jeph jerman said...

heh heh, an idiocy of christians.

Anonymous said...

I always preferred "A Hypocrisy of Christians".

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, an idiocy is a strong candidate. As for Hypocrisy,i find it easier if 'An' is used as a prefix. After all H is a candidate for the sixth vowel.Nonetheless a very accurate noun for Christians, and in fact every monotheistic superstition,or polytheistic there!

Petty Vendetta said...

the proper word for a group of Christians is a "Confusion".

badgerstump said...

my money is on a Falange of fundamentalists so we can put them all in the same boat.

and then sink it...

Jonny Zchivago said...

I shall forward these noble suggestions to the Oxford English Dictionary.