Monday, 9 February 2015

Hands To ‎– "Toumani" (Sounds For Consciousness Rape ‎– SFCR 04) 1990

More damaged tape recordings from the aural food blender. An upside down glitch fest from a malfunctioning techno hell of future force fed over-information. Predicting the information, not so, super highway, that has turned the modern age into a prison of conflicting  truths. The truth has become the 'Big Lie' of the 21st century.The worldwide web has fenced us in;we are the fly,and 'it' is one giant unstoppable venomous binary spider.You can hear its echo's, loud and clear in the convoluted sound mosaic of Hands To.


A1 Enplate
A2 Hei
A3 Plastinery
A4 Rilo
A5 Milass
A6 The Hallery
A7 Gigist
A8 Afnocan
B1 Wodice/FLP
B2 Gigist 2
B3 Sletan
B4 Recape
B5 Teisco
B6 Brire
B7 Whisten

DOWNLOAD a toumani of consciousness rape HERE!

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