Monday, 23 February 2015

Laxative Souls (LXSS) ‎– "Twist And Decease" (Multiple Configuration ‎– LXSS A) 1982

This is a far superior album to the "Desinfektionraum" album. A lot denser fog of fuzzy noise and ,as far as I can see, no mention of Nazi's.......hang on,"Nacht Und Nebel  7-12-1941" has got to be some atrocity reference.....i could google it,but I'll leave it to you if you want to. I'll deduct a point for that.
Top quality sinister-ish Italian know what to expect!


A Off Komarov 31:45
B1 Introduction Sych 7:49
B2 Xanthous Yahoo 5:38
B3 Niccolai 2:50
B4 << Nacht Und Nebel >> 7-12-1941 6:28
B5 U. I. K. ? 8:34


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