Wednesday, 4 February 2015

City Of Worms ‎– "Quester" (IRRE Tapes ‎– IT022) 1989

Frequent collaborator with Illusion Of safety is City Of Worms; and side B features such a collaboration as City Of Safety (Geddit?),including a certain Jim O'Rourke of Sonic yoof fame.
City Of Worms themselves, are a variety of rhythmic fuzzy ,in between radio stations, kind of looped static ambiance; not unlike Zoviet*France.


A1 Sump
A2 Volpet
A3 Pusic
A4 Amerdian
A5 Alque
A6 Tripletan
A7 Gabrs
A8 Ince/Cane
A9 Decast
B1 Live At The Downtownstudio COS,CO-October 1987

DOWNLOAD some tape worms HERE!

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