Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blowhole/Big Joey - "Blowhole/Big Joey" (Self Released Cassette) 1988

Jeph Jerman(City of Worms,Hands To) and friends making a maelstrom of an improvised racket in Colorado's versions of the LAFMS's Airway. Both Blowhole and Big Joey make a fine effort in exorcising the Ghost of Albert Ayler. Blowhole is the more Free Jazzy of the collectives, and Big Joey is the more Free Rocky version,albeit an extreme falling apart version of Free Rock. A mid western free improv from inside the Tornado,chewing up all in its path.Life affirming chaos indeed.

Blowhole Side: Recorded at One Big Studio, August 1987, except Deewbs, recorded at the house of Death. And Einstein, recorded at the Mud palace Summer, 1984.
Big Joey Side: Recorded at Blue Slug, Summer 1988, except Introit/very Droll, Paco is My Co-Pilot and Greez, recorded at the Annex 3/13/88 by Paco de Dunce.


Download big joey's blowhole HERE!


jeph jerman said...

very rare. this was re-released by Sound Of Pig a bit later.

Marc Myers said...

Amazing! Was just looking around for some Blowhole releases last week. I lived in Colorado Springs and knew the guy who ran ZABRISKIE POINT records, he released quite a few blows from them.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I HAVE "A Love extreme" double LP by Blowhole on Zabriske point.Iys ripped but not yet edited.If you want it i'll upload it for you?