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Con-Dom ‎– "A Prince Of Our Disorder" (Sounds For Consciousness Rape ‎– SFCR CD004) 1993

"Con-Dom stands for Control-Domination, and is the one-man industrial noise band of Mike Dando. Con-Dom explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the industrial scene for his furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal."
So it says on Discogs.
I suppose this person is the British equivalent of G.G. Allin?Acting out the role of the most disgusting person on the planet.Spouting racism ,and other vile traits of a bigot,he confronts us with all that is ugly about the human animal.
Frequently attacking and groping audience members; often on the receiving end, as his victims defend themselves, -Dando is attempting to explore the depths of his own personality by more than just flirting with extremes,he actually tries to become them.A kind of musical method acting equivalent in a quest for personal freedom
Control-Domination is the theme. Control, domination, manipulation, organisation ... The forces of control  - mass culture, mass media, mass mentalities.Freedom lies from within, and Con-Dom believes to attain that one has to challenge taboo's and the extremities of human behaviour to discover the pure personality within.
Well, its either that or he's an attention seeking racist sex pervert who places shock value over content.
This album,which consists of a 3" Cd and cassette, is dedicated to T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia),with whom he seems obsessed.
" It is a journey into the realm of the intensely personal - one man's outer struggle and inner search for an individual "faith"; one man's very personal response to the human condition. Lawrence was a remarkable man - an enigmatic outsider who lived a tortured odyssey of physical and spiritual extremes in pursuit of a goal; a way. His life, writings and example are an inspiration to all who crave real freedom".
Personally, I don't wanna go through the Live Con-Dom experience,just as I wouldn't wanna have been beaten up by G.G.Allin, but I'm open to the concept,and the Records aren't too far off the standard of a good Whitehouse release. Nice packaging too.

Track Listing: 

Seven Pillars of Wisdom / Confession of Faith: Live Assault 49 - Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles, USA, 12-10-91.
A1 and B5 - Recorded on The Hellfire Club, KFJC, Los Altos - USA.
A2, A5 - Recorded at The Armpit Gallery, San Francisco - USA.
A3, B3, B6 - Recorded at EPE, Paris - France.
A4, B1, B4  - Recorded at Sensory Lab, Los Angeles - USA.
B1 - Recorded at Jimmy's, Bourdeaux - France.
All recordings made between 15-10-91 and 05-11-92.

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you would never have been "beaten up" (or anything close) by Allin. He was a pussy. First hand.