Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Charles Amirkhanian ‎– "Lexical Music" (1750 Arch Records ‎– S-1779) 1979

Another regular contributer  to Giorno Poetry Systems was one 
Charles Amirkhanian, a well-versed practionioner in the less than nobkle art of electroacoustic music and text-sound composition.
You know what you're in for. Lots of repeated words,chopped up spoken phrases,echo boxes,and phase drifting. The most minimal form of composition available.You don't even need an instrument except the one that mother nature provided us with,free of charge,that complex,and sadly,much abused device called the Human Voice.
Here, that natural tool is used as a creative tool, rather than singing about how your girlfriend has left you,or how Donald Trump uses his,as a shitting anus.His face being a repulsive orange arse with a shredded wheat sellotaped to the upper end of its cleft.
Even though that Meredith Monk album, "Key", made me want to burn down an Art Gallery,for different reasons however, than a trump supporter would. The monosyllabic faecal matter that spurts from the so-called 'mind' of Trump,via his talking asshole appendage, is the stuff of book burning,and degenerate art exhibitions. However there are a few Donald Trump books I would gladly burn,and the man is himself, thee degenerate's Degenerate.
Lets celebrate stupidity for the sake of some tax cuts,and get this silly old planet tettering on the edge of either nuclear destruction or evironmental disaster.He with the small orange hands is,after all, a truly terrible and incompetent business man.Apart from being a five time bankrupt,the worst possible thing for his precious economy would be Nuclear War or Environmental collapse.Duh!...i smell a more serious,nay deadly, looming shadow of bankruptcy skipping carelessly along the fairway,straying into the rough,and ultimatly hiding in the deepest bunker that stolen money can buy.......(note golfing analogy,so that the orange one and his clones can understand it...the ones that can read that is).
The point,and i'm struggling to see the point in anything(!?),is, that this political environment is the kind of lamely vicious atmosphere that would see works like 'Lexical Music' resigned to the ovens in this dawning dark age of moronic self-service,celebrating the crass and meaningless.The new rennaisance is well and truly OVER!
The hard facts are that if we are all to live to the standard of living that ALL americans live at, we will need 4 , FOUR, extra Earths!!!!...Do I need to repeat that?

So maybe Trump frog marching us to extinction is actually a good thing. VOTE TRUMP 2020...because we deserve him.

NB.. Sorry about that, but i felt, as a practicing Nihilist, that i had to squeeze something 'political' in, after noticing that 'Things Magazine' used that word in their brief description of this blog...and i quote: "Die or D.I.Y?, charting the esoteric, the homemade, the off-beat and the political" i return the favour with a link. A bit like the Mutually Assured Destruction policy?


1.Mugic (1973) 5:27
2.Seatbelt Seatbelt(1973) 14:38
3.Dutiful Ducks(1977) 2:00
4.Muchrooms(1974) 2:00
5.Mahogany Ballpark(1976) 9:40
6.She She And She(1974) 8:40


Anonymous said...

VOTE TRUMP 2020...because we deserve him.

Better than the commies taking your property.

Regards Mike..

Jonny Zchivago said...

So you would sooner have evironmental breakdown than the commies taking your property that the banks will take off you anyway when the shit hits?

rev.b said...

I thought trump was a commie....or at least a service of, brought to you by... or was that Bernie? It all smells like do-do to me.

northfieldhat said...

Slogging through environmental disasters is a lot more punk!

Jonny Zchivago said...

@northfieldhat...but, there's nothing more punk that doing the opposite to whatever the other punks do,so environmental disater is no longer cool.

northfieldhat said...

It's so confusing. I'm going to the mudbaths.

chad said...

VOTE ANYONE *but* trump 2020...

I'd rather have a democratic socialist (not equal to communism, much less socialism) than the dweeb in office, tho I'm more of a centrist myself.

We'll see what happens.