Tuesday, 24 February 2015

MB (Maurizio Bianchi) ‎– "Technology2" (self released cassette) 1981

The Godfather of Italian Industrial is ,of course Maurizio Bianchi, better known as MB. A master of the dysfunctional fuzzy glitch on a grand scale. His compositions remind one of a system on the verge of breaking down irreversibly.Never has there been a time since WW2 that this music has been more appropriate.Play this tape while this metaphorical Rome is burning.MB was there at the start of something,but his compositions sound like the end of something else.The final word in Industrial noise-scapes.

Track Listing:

DOWNLOAD with modern technology too HERE!


suede006 said...

Great post

Alan Burns said...

Always great to have some postings of the old MB tapes, and there always seems to be one (like this one) that I haven't seen or heard before! Perfect timing too, I've been in just the frame of mind for MB this week. Thanks!

Plague said...

What Alan said