Friday, 27 February 2015

Leibstandarte SS MB ‎– "Triumph Of The Will" (Come Organisation ‎– WDC 881015) 1981

A fuzzy rumbling noise fest wasn't attention seeking enough for William Bennett,he of Essential Logic, Whitehouse and the Come Organisation. So why not overdub a load of speeches by the higher echelons of the National Socialist and German Workers Party? The logic was essentially to create notoriety, but creatively a pretty uninspiring recipe.
 MB (Maurizio Bianchi) had delivered two of his usual noisy symphonies for  Come Org to release; but Bennett decided to firstly overdub speeches by Goebbels and uncle Adolf,and then add Leibstandarte SS to MB's name. Which I understand was Hitlers personal SS bodyguard unit. This kind of thing could muddy one's reputation!  Largely, it has been seen basically as a bad publicity stunt,and has gone to reside in the bad taste draw. 
Personally, I would have preferred the noise to have been mixed higher and the speeches a lot fact not there at all. I never play this record ,because it just sounds like a record of Nazi Speeches,rather than Industrial noise. A bit of a half-arsed hatchet job if you ask me.


A -Triumph Of The Will (18:32 )

B - To Birkenau (18:44) 

DOWNLOAD a triumph of the will-iam bennett HERE!


Suede006 said...

Great Post!

Alan Burns said...

Pretty spot-on assessment of WB's infamous dicking around with MB's tapes!

I like how the latter eventually put out his own reissue of all these recordings under the title 'Teban Slide Art' - geddit?

tsanakas said...

Has any body an idea if there are somewhere (probably under other title) the 2 original tape-works of M.B. which Bennett used and abused in the SS-MB cycle?