Saturday, 14 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "Midi Ditties" (Jim Tapes) 1987

41 more untitled musical mash-ups for people with short attention spans. Not too sure if this should have been edited,or left as two whole symphonies to channel surfing.Nevertheless,now you can speed up the surfing even more by exercising your skip button finger,and enhancing the whole experience.
I'll have to admit my attention span was tested severely when chopping this up into tracks....needless to say it took a long time,and I don't wanna repeat the experience. Contrary to popular opinion I do have a life....just.
The music is yer standard Croiners looped electronic mayhem,with lashings of disembodied out of context speech madness. The later tracks,however, tend to lean heavily on the horrible tech of the mid-eighties.Those god-awful digital drum machines,with their 'Real', lifeless, drum samples; recorded by Japanese technicians who seem to have never heard a rock/pop record.This approach worked when the drum sounds were analogue,but when they tried to make a drum machine not sound like a drum machine, it was an unmitigated disaster. Also, Jim Levine catches a case of the "N-n-n-n-n-Nineteen" syndrome,messing about with speech samples like we all did when we first took our Ensoniq Mirage out of its box for the first time. This makes the latter part of this tape sound a bit dated and of its time; but hey, why not?

Track Listing;

Tracks 1-41 - Untitled.

DOWNLOAD many mini midi ditties HERE!

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SonicA said...

Thank you for this one - unknown to me so far. Your archeological skills are impressive.