Monday, 2 February 2015

Illusion Of Safety ‎–" In 70 Countries" (Complacency ‎Productions– CPC-14) 1989

In 1989 everyone, and I mean Everyone, in the united kingdom were off their faces on MDMA dancing like idiots in farmers fields around the M25 to Acid House and its derivatives. Previously decent pop groups ,had Brian Jones(another drug fueled fool)  haircuts,carried tambourines or maraca's,wore stripy tops, and had to be seen 'dancing'! 
This shit, infected Industrial culture too, with Psychic TV, Nurse With Wound,Coil,and Former Cabaret Voltaire members, making 'Rave' records!......never before has there been such an all encompassing moment where all creativity was flushed down the toilet in a mass compliance to a safe passive (but dancing) state. Overnight, Football hooligans became loved up hippies ,subversives became 'Mad for it' freaky dancers,and everyone was happy to do fuck all except have 'a good time'! Kind of a Stepford's Generation,in an anti-rennaissance!
As usual, this didn't happen in the USA,so we still had good groups,and they still made decent Industrial music.
Although this Illusion of Safety release is verging on the Ambient,there is a distinct lack of that nation pacifying, and probably Mossad/CIA supplied, awful drug, Ecsta-fucking-sy! 
Good stuff for the 'Chill Out' area of these shit Chavvy Raves though.
There's even a very topical Paedophile tune with "You Stop It"; very now, with the British political elite squirming,desperately trying to bury the latest inquiry attempt into systematic child abuse among UK politicians.......and we wonder why they consistently vote to wage America/Israels wars for them? Its Mossad/CIA etc again, with a truck load of incriminating data from paedo-honey traps.Wouldn't you do anything they asked if they could portray you as a kiddie-fiddler?

Tracklist :

A1 Theme From Belfast Street Riot
A2 In 70 Countries
A3 7-26-88
A4 Devices To Be Used
B1 Speed Brutality Honesty
B2 Prisoner 819 Did A Bad Thing
B3 Trumpet Field
B4 You Stop It

DOWNLOAD in 70 seconds HERE!


badgerstump said...

Well, not quite everyone. I was still raving to Butthole Surfers. Even so, I totally agree. Living about three miles away from the hacienda it was like the never made B-Movie "Invasion Of The Twats" where the arseholes who were trying to kick my face in yesterday suddenly became my best mate. PTV and such jumping on the bandwagon will always be unforgivable!

Cheers for the IOS tho' even if you have woken up some forgotten homicidal tendencies...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nah not ,me either...although I do remember being thrown out of a Happy mondays gig that year. what a fucking shit group they were!

As long as i don't wake up suicidal tendancies,thats ok.....just be careful who you kill.Make it count.