Monday, 16 February 2015

Croiners ‎– "The Relentless Rhythm Of Change" (Jim Tapes ‎– 007) 1988

"The Relentless Rhythm of Change" is, in this epoch of music making, an ironic appellation.But, this process still exists,albeit in recorded form, and is manifest in any Croiners tape; where the music/non-music is in a constant state of flux. Normally a staccato barrage of short, sample filled, blasts; Jim Levine stretches out a few tracks up to the 12 minute barrier of  a modern X-Boxer's attention span. All 'Untitled', all pretty wacky,and most of you will be relieved to hear that I have now run out of Croiners tapes to post. I'm almost more editing of hundreds of untitled sound bursts,heading off my repetitive strain injuries at the pass.
This tape showcases a more ambient minimal synth style, mixed in with the usual sample loops,and bizarre spoken word samples.Thank you Croiners, its been good.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Croiners! Would love to hear the other releases that never seem to have made it to the web yet. Keep up the great job